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James Beard Foundation


Leigh Loftus Watters


James Beard Foundation



Project type

Photo Journalism

For the James Beard Foundation's Taste America 2019, held across various cities including Chicago, the event was a vibrant showcase of America's culinary diversity, emphasizing local and sustainable food practices. The series was not only a celebration of food but also served as a platform for discussing pressing issues like food waste reduction and sustainability within the culinary industry. Events like the Chicago gala dinner highlighted contributions from top chefs, featuring a mix of local tastes and innovative cooking techniques, providing an immersive experience into the richness of American cooking.

The Taste America event effectively brought together local chefs, restaurateurs, and culinary leaders to create memorable evenings that reflected the Foundation's mission of "Good Food for Good," underscoring a commitment to community and quality in the food world. The involvement of notable culinary figures and a series of chef-led dinners and tastings emphasized the depth and unity of the culinary industry across the nation​ (James Beard Foundation)​​ (Chicago Food Magazine)​.

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