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CME Group - Leo Melamed


Leigh Loftus Watters


CME Group



Project type

Photo Journalism

For Leo Melamed, a visionary at CME Group known for revolutionizing financial markets, his retirement gallery captures a pivotal farewell to the trading floor.

The exhibit meticulously documents the significant moments of his final day, reflecting both the monumental nature of the occasion and the personal touches of his goodbye.

Each photograph is a tribute, showcasing the intricate interactions between Leo and his colleagues, as well as the profound respect and admiration shared by all present.

The gallery also highlights the physical space of the trading floor, a place transformed under his leadership, captured here in its bustling, dynamic glory.

Overall, the imagery weaves a visual narrative that not only honors Leo Melamed's legacy but also the enduring impact of his career on the financial industry, inviting viewers to appreciate the depth and breadth of his contributions.

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